Son paws Russian mother for boobs instead of breakfast

Duration: 3:14 Views: 115 732 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: An aged Russian brunette is already used to loneliness and the fact that no one except her son has been waiting for her at home for a long time. But this morning, the guy is behaving rather strangely. The thing is that the son suspects the mother’s sexual adventures, during which she is fucked like the last whore. And now, being next to a guy in blue shorts, a Russian mother in a short skirt, in heels and a fucking T-shirt listens to the boy’s sharp remarks, and then without resistance enjoys how he paws her boobs and rests on his shoulder with a stance. It is difficult for a woman to control wet fantasies about incest, so she goes with her son to the bedroom, where, most likely, she will please him with a blowjob.

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